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Reversing Systems


  • Reverse Cameras
  • Reverse Mirrors & Displays
  • Reverse Sensors

The Sunroof Centre, offer quality and durability and affordable pricing. While modern technology allows for reverse sensors to be implemented in various new vehicles, often it is convenient and increases the value of your car if you install a reverse camera and sensor system.

A quality "Rear View System" allows the driver to see what dangers are lurking behind their vehicles. The camera provides a clear, bright extra eye in your vehicles blind spot. The cameras have a wide angle for better coverage, colour LCD screens and are waterproof.

A Rear View Camera System not only makes working with a truck, bus, car or caravan easier, but it also greatly increases the overall safety of those around you.

Parkmate is the preferred brand of reverse sensors. The up-to-date anti-collision sytem with audible and visual display makes parking your car easier, you are less likely to hit objects behind you while reversing. Sensors are colour coded to match your paint. We offer rear sensors or front and rear sensors.

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