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When Selecting a Sunroof Installer

Thinking about installing a sunroof in your car? There are certain things you should be looking out for in terms of service, quality and maintenance. The installation fitting process does not need to be a costly or time consuming process. You should employ a sunroof expert who will correctly match the appropriate sunroof to your car and offer you an option to fit your budget.

What to look for when selecting a sunroof installer:

  • Someone who selects the right model for your particular make of car
  • Someone who considers your budget
  • A professional and authorised installer
  • Someone who will inform you that your sunroof needs to be serviced every 24 months
  • Ensure only Venus Glass is used (blocks out 95% of solar heat and 99% of UV radiation)

The Sunroof Centre specialise in a variety of services other than sunroof installation. We also offer various auto accessories, cruise control, window tinting, in car entertainment. We like to know we are able meet all of our clients' needs and requests by offering various specialised services.

At The Sunroof Centre Melbourne, we like to look after our clients by offering various packages to allow you to think about engaging in our other services at a cost-effective price.

The Sunroof Centre Packages Include:

  • You can complement your sunroof by tinting your windows at the same time. Our 'Roof and Tint Package', is a great way to enjoy some overhead sun while keeping the car cool with tinted windows.
  • There are increasingly a number of break-ins to cars that appear insecure. Allow us to make sure your car is not one of them by fitting one of our quality alarm systems.
  • An In-Car Entertainment system is a great way to entertain the family on long drives. We will install a top quality Roof Mount DVD or Headrest system and work on a packaged price when you opt for another one of our services.

Call us for a quote or to discuss any queries regarding sunroofs and auto accessories on (03) 9706 6255.