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With over 30 years' experience in the auto accessories and alarm industry, The Sunroof Centre is able to offer a completely customised security system to suit your requirements and budget. The Sunroof Centre services and repairs alarm systems for all major brands, and can install an alarm system for you, which is insurance approved and meets Australian Alarm Standards.

Most alarm systems installed at The Sunroof Centre come standard with an immobiliser, battery backup siren, impact sensor, central locking hook-up (optional), alarms cover the doors, bonnet, boot/hatch. However, often people are unfamiliar with the essential elements to look for and ask about when purchasing a system.

How The Sunroof Centre can inform you of factors to consider:

  • Warranty length
  • Alarms to suit your vehicle
  • Upgradable features
  • Value for money

We install a wide range of car alarms and upgrades to classic cars (which require special features) to the current vehicles of today including vehicles with Canbus Wiring. We believe that if our product can save your car from being stolen or broken into once, you have got your money back.

Brands we are confident in using:

  • Mongoose
  • Viper
  • Vision
  • Directed Products
  • Cyclops

The Sunroof Centre Melbourne is an experienced and established business, we have strong relationships with all of our suppliers. Constantly keeping up to date with auto accessories and new technologies, we are able to offer professional and reliable service and quality products.

Call us on (03) 9706 6255 - for a quote or to discuss any queries regarding a keyless entry or an alarm.