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Upgrade Alarms

Upgrade Alarms:

  • Directed Upgrade
  • Directed Can-bus

Directed Upgrade

The Viper 700VR Upgrade Alarm come with Battery backup siren, All black wires, Lifetime module warranty.

The Viper 700VR is a basic security upgrade alarm and is a great addition to any factory keyless entry system allowing you to interface with your factory remotes to arm and disarm the alarm. The 700VR has 11 different pre-programmed interfacing modes the 700VR can be adapted to almost any vehicle on the market. It has been specially designed to prevent circuitary spikes and to interface with vehicles with power save abilities adding to its unique versatility.

Another great benefit from fitting an upgrade alarm is the addition of siren chirps on lock and unlocking which gives you the ability to easily identify if your vehicles has been arm/locked or disarm/unlocked.

The 700VR gives peace of mind of a LIFETIME product warranty from Directed Electronics.


  • Bonnet, boot and door protection
  • 2 stage impact sensor
  • Battery back-up siren
  • All black wiring
  • Chirp confirmation
  • Light flash confirmation

Directed Can-bus

Viper 3901TR CAN OE Security Upgrade System.Use the OEM keyless entry remote to control arm & disarm of upgrade security via the CAN BUS.

CANBUS allows the Directed system to communicate with the vehicle via high-speed digital data, which ensures a robust connection with minimal wiring connections to the vehicle.

When the vehicle is equipped with a factory security system, it works in sync with Directed CANBUS security system and all factory functionality is retained.


  • Door, hood, trunk, and ignition protection
  • Built-in Dual Shock Sensor
  • Battery Back-up siren
  • Super bright LED
  • Parking Light Flash