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Insurance Approved Alarm & Immobilisers

Insurance Approved Alarm & Immobilisers:

  • Viper Black
  • Mongoose M80
  • Mongoose M60
  • Mongoose MCA500 - Motorbike Alarm

Viper Black

Vipers first insurance approved alarm system

  • AS/NZ Standards Certified
  • All black wiring
  • 3 Point immobiliser
  • 2-Stage shock sensor
  • Glass break sensor
  • Battery back-up data siren
  • Blue LED
  • FailSafe Starter Kill Stops would-be car thieves
  • Patented nuisance prevention prevents recurrent false alarms
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Built-in turbo timer feature

Mongoose M80

The M80 Series provides 50% more protection for your car than other Mongoose systems with its triple circuit immobilisation PLUS full alarm features. We now include as standard a 1 to 5 minute turbo timer, blue dashboard LED and new design 3 button remote controls.

Certified to AS/NZS4601 amendment 1 2003 and AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class B. Using the brilliant M80i triple automatic immobiliser, this security system provides excellent extra protection for your car.


  • Triple circuit automatic engine immobilisation
  • Protects bonnet, boot and all doors
  • Battery back-up siren with soft chirp
  • 2 stage impact sensor
  • 2 water resistant 3 button remote controls (SAW 303MHz)
  • Silent arm/disarm by remote
  • Sensor disable by remote
  • Remote panic
  • Car finder by remote
  • Chirp and indicator confirmation
  • Built-in Turbo timer
  • Blue dashboard LED
  • 4 digit PIN code override
  • Programme your own PIN code to a number you will not forget! (deletes factory setting)
  • Standards black wiring and concealed main plug
  • Built-in central locking relays
  • 2 stage unlock (optional)
  • Boot release (optional)
  • Dome light supervision (optional)
  • 11 programmable features
  • 5 year product warranty

Mongoose M60

The M60 series is one of our best selling security systems. Just have a look at the features - it's a model that won't disappoint. We now include as standard a 1 to 5 minute turbo timer, blue dashboard LED and new design 3 button remote controls.

Fully Tested and Certified to the AS/NZ 4601 amendment 1 2003 and AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class B for Vehicle Immobilisers and alarm systems.

The M60S are fully featured alarms with automatic dual immobilisers with a built-in programmable 1 to 5 minute turbo timer, new 3-button remote control and a blue warning LED.

The automatic dual circuit engine immobiliser is designed to deter theft by automatically disabling the starting and running of your vehicle. If your vehicle has central locking, this model can provide keyless entry - just press the remote button and your doors lock or unlock!

M60S - digital battery back-up siren

Model Features

  • Automatic Dual Circuit Immobilisation
  • Two Simple to use 3 button Remote Controls (SAW 303MHz)
  • Keyless Remote Central Locking
  • Indicator and chirp confirmation
  • Built-in Turbo timer
  • Blue Dashboard Warning Light (LED)
  • 4 Digit PIN Code Override
  • Security Re-arm and Re-lock (Refer Note)
  • Bonnet, Boot and Door protection
  • 2 Stage Impact Sensor
  • Electric Siren
  • Remote Panic
  • Built-in Central Locking Relays
  • Standards Black Wiring
  • Concealed Main Plug
  • Window Warning Stickers
  • Optional Boot Release (Ch2 output)
  • 3 year warranty on product

Programmable Features

  • Ignition safety door locking (Refer Note)
  • Door diagnostics
  • Siren / horn output
  • Chirps on/off
  • Central locking pulse length
  • Turbo timer interface

Mongoose MCA500 - Motorbike Alarm

The Mongoose STRIKER MCA500 is a compact simple to use yet well featured motorcycle / scooter / quad bike alarm system.

The Mongoose STRIKER MCA500 is a compact simple to use yet well featured motorcycle / scooter /quad bike alarm system.

Protection against theft is by an engine immobiliser, a remote adjustable 8 level shock sensor, a seat pin switch and ignition ON trigger. Any heavy impact or shock to the motorcycle, such as taking it off the centre stand, will trigger the alarm.

The STRIKER is more than just an alarm and an immobiliser; it offers convenience features that make the use of your motorcycle more enjoyable.

An optional extra cost feature is the remote engine starter - just the press of a button on the remote and your engine warms up automatically - assuming of course your bike has electric start - and if you don't ride it, the engine automatically stops after 5 minutes.

Fit a Mongoose STRIKER alarm and get real security and more pleasure out of your motorcycling.


  • 2 waterproof 4 button remotes
  • Small compact waterproof alarm module
  • Separate super loud siren
  • Built-in shock sensor - adjusted by remote
  • Built-in engine immobilisation
  • Light flash - confirmation and during alarm condition
  • Chirp confirmation of arm and disarm
  • Remote engine start (optional - motorcycle must have electric start)
  • Triggers from ignition, shock sensor, seat switch or optional tilt switch
  • Automatic arming - programmable
  • Automatic re-arm
  • Remote panic
  • Silent arm/disarm by remote
  • Remote key lockout (prevents someone using your remote)
  • Mercury tilt switch - optional (a must for bikes with only a side stand)
  • idMicroDot security marking system – optional