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Command Cruise Control

Command Cruise Control can be fitted to most Australian and imported vehicles including four wheel drives and light commercials. From drive by wire, electric and vacuum models, command cruise control has all your professional options covers. Command cruise control constantly monitors vehicle speed allowing you to concentrate on road conditions and drive in a more relaxed manner. With command cruise control you can depend on its design, function, reliability, product construction and materials used to be the best available.

Choose a switch:

Command Cruise Control switches are ergonomically designed to provide the best operation, style and function to your Command Cruise Control, from the latest multi function stalks with optional preset functions to steering wheel switches, pad or gear lever styles. Command Cruise Control have all your option covered.

Features Include:

  • SET (as current road speed)
  • Resume (at last set speed)
  • ACC and DEC (for minor speed increase/decrease while engaged)
  • Immediate brake disengage
  • Immediate clutch disengage (on manual vehicles only)
  • Latest software design constantly monitors road speed and adjusts accordingly